Happy New Year One and All!!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, with gratitude to all for your visits, your comments, and your discussions of all things Jane!  ~ Thank you for including Jane Austen in Vermont in your daily blog surfing!  Welcome to 2014!

Today in Jane Austen’s life:  [from the JASNA-Wisconsin “A Year with Jane Austen” calendar]

  • 1787: Cousins Edward and Jane Cooper come to stay at Steventon for the New Year holidays.
  • 1812: Princess Charlotte of Wales writes that she intends to read Sense and Sensibility soon.

[Vintage Postcard:  Gold Medal Art, n.d.]

c2014, Jane Austen in Vermont

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year One and All!!

  1. Happy New Year Deb. Thanks for all your support and friendship in 2013.
    2014 is going to a fantastic year isn’t it????

    Even David Cameron is saying that we are out of recession and on the way to prosperity. He would say that with an election looming!!
    But anyway.. Love to you and the family. Tony and Marilyn.

    (PS Please do not take previous comments too seriously. Sometimes taking a strong view point creates discussion and gets the old brain cells going.)


    • Same to you Tony! – and I never mind your comments, even if they do periodically get a tad snarky – “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?” is all too true!

      And I have no idea who you are referring to as resembling the Lady in the New Year postcard?? – do tell!


  2. I don’t think she resembles anybody I know, or though, I suppose her hair style …….! but then i had better not mention a name as the masculine outfit and whip in hand do suggest ….. well…! Anyway, lets leave it there.



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