Guest Post ~ The 2015 Jane Austen Summer Program on Emma ~ By Margaret Harrington


We welcome today Margaret Harrington of JASNA-Vermont as she shares her thoughts on and several pictures from the 2015 Jane Austen Summer Program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill that she attended in June.


My Rave for the 3rd Annual JASP

EMMA At 200”

The Jane Austen Summer Program 2015
University Of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

by Margaret Harrington, JASNA-Vermont


Hope G – JASNA-Vermont fashionista

I had an excellent experience at this year’s Jane Austen Summer Program because I gained new insights into the marvelous book, Emma, and had a good time doing it. The JASP co-directors, Dr. Inger Brody and Dr. James Thompson, planned everything so astutely that each lecture flowed naturally into the following event and led participants happily up the road to new discoveries about Jane Austen. In my opinion, Emma is Austen’s most deeply realized character and she lives and breathes in Austen’s most intricately structured rural society, so it was a consummate pleasure to attend this conference and to come away with a deeper understanding of the book.

Participants were greeted warmly by the graduate students and volunteers. Every day and evening of the conference we were engaged with knowledgeable lecturers and wonderful events, plus dance instruction for the ball.

Highlights were Game Night, the Box Hill Picnic at Ayr Mount, and of course the welcoming dinner, the Duchess of Richmond’s Regency Ball and a delightful production of Austen’s “Henry and Eliza” by the UNC players.

These pictures feature Hope Greenberg from JASNA-Vermont who wore different costumes of her own making for every occasion.

I certainly plan to return for next year’s JASP and Mansfield Park.


Hope turbaned…




Hope off her swing


Box Hill anyone?


Presenting “Henry and Eliza”


Deciphering Emma‘s many puzzles


Off to the Duchess of Richmond’s Regency Ball…


Learning to not dance like a savage … (oops! wrong book…)


“…she had herself the highest value for Elegance…”


Thank you Margaret for sharing your photos with us (but alas! none of you!) – it looks to have been a grand time!


For more information on the JASP “Emma at 200” you can see the full schedule here. But rather than feeling sad that you missed it all this year, you can already start planning to participate in next year’s JASP – read about it here:

Fourth Annual Jane Austen Summer Program

Mansfield Park & its Afterlives”

June 16-19, 2016

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The JASP website is worth a visit: it offers several teaching guides based on the various talks at JASP: on food, medicine, games, and class status in Emma, Austen’s use of free indirect discourse, an adaptation of “Henry and Eliza” – among others – good stuff here!


And finally, JASP offers a replica of this beautiful Jane Austen bracelet as a fund-raiser for the Jane Austen Summer Program. Cost is $120.00 plus $5 shipping fees. You can order it here.

c2015 Jane Austen in Vermont, photos courtesy of Margaret Harringon

6 thoughts on “Guest Post ~ The 2015 Jane Austen Summer Program on Emma ~ By Margaret Harrington

  1. I too was at the 2015 JASP, and I can heartily endorse Margaret’s report in all respects–particularly the general excellence of Inger and James’s arrangements; the liveliness of the theatricals and the ball (the Brodey offspring definitely stole the “Henry and Eliza” show, IMHO!); and the elegance of Hope’s attire for every occasion.


      • Actually, I was not at all elegant at the ball: I donned a brown linen gown, a modest cap, and an apron, and went as a maidservant. I do have a few photos, but it’ll take some digging to find them.

        And I should add a large shout-out to my good friend (and hostess) Gisele Rankin, and all her JASNA North Carolina cohorts, for all the work they put in on the silent auction and the ball refreshments. Three hearty huzzahs, ladies!


      • Maidservants wore regency clothes too! And easier for us today to replicate… One of these days Marie I shall make it to this weekend – problem is I have just headed north, so makes little sense for me – wish they did one in the winter – the Jane Austen Winter Program – how does that sound??


  2. I don’t know how I haven’t heard about this. I graduated from UNC and I’m sad it wasn’t around when I was a student. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Mansfield Park next year and see if I can fly down for it.


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    thank you


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