Happy New Year One and All!!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year, with gratitude to all for your visits, your comments, and your discussions of all things Jane!  ~ Thank you for including Jane Austen in Vermont in your daily blog surfing!  Welcome to 2018!

Today in Jane Austen’s life:  [from the JASNA-Wisconsin “A Year with Jane Austen” calendar]

December 31st:

  • 1797: Henry Austen marries his cousin Eliza de Feuillide, by special license.

January 1st:

  • 1787: Cousins Edward and Jane Cooper come to stay at Steventon for the New Year holidays.
  • 1812: Princess Charlotte of Wales writes that she intends to read Sense and Sensibility soon.

[Vintage Postcard:  Gold Medal Art, n.d.]

c2018, Jane Austen in Vermont

One thought on “Happy New Year One and All!!

  1. Hi Deb, Happy New Year! A microscopic point to ponder coming from the eastern end of the pond. Although writing under American conventions to a mainly American audience is it correct to say “special license” when as the marriage took place in England Henry would have applied for a “special licence”. The rule for licence/license and practice/practise, is for the c to apply when it’s a noun and the s when it’s a verb. Although the drift is towards the USA spelling by those who don’t know or care to follow rules, and so I feel as King Canute with wet feet.
    Any road up as they sometimes say here, take care and have a fabulous year ahead – Chris


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