An Opinion of Jane Austen from the Wild Blue Yonder

I keep the following bumper sticker on my car [a mini cooper]:

I’d Rather Be Reading Jane Austen

but in the drivers side rear window rather than on the bumper – largely because I was hoping it would keep my husband from obsconding with my car – I figured he would be too embarrassed to drive around with that on view, right on the driver’s side  – but to no avail – he said he likes the looks that he gets! – wish I had a video!

But he was very quick to point out to me yesterday that there seems to be an opinion of all this reading of Jane Austen from the wild blue – so I append this picture that made him just laugh out loud:

[a rather large bird wouldn’t you say??]

And on this happy note, I leave you for several days to retreat into the late 18th – early 19th century at the JASNA AGM in Forth Worth – Jane Austen western style – giddyup!

[did I ever mention that I was obsessed with Roy Rogers when a mere child? – thought I was Dale Evans in the 2nd grade – but that’s a story for another day… ] – in the meantime I am looking forward to this blending of my two obsessions – Austen and Cowboys… will take many notes and many pictures and post my observations upon my return…

Copyright @2011 Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont