An Opinion of Jane Austen from the Wild Blue Yonder

I keep the following bumper sticker on my car [a mini cooper]:

I’d Rather Be Reading Jane Austen

but in the drivers side rear window rather than on the bumper – largely because I was hoping it would keep my husband from obsconding with my car – I figured he would be too embarrassed to drive around with that on view, right on the driver’s side  – but to no avail – he said he likes the looks that he gets! – wish I had a video!

But he was very quick to point out to me yesterday that there seems to be an opinion of all this reading of Jane Austen from the wild blue – so I append this picture that made him just laugh out loud:

[a rather large bird wouldn’t you say??]

And on this happy note, I leave you for several days to retreat into the late 18th – early 19th century at the JASNA AGM in Forth Worth – Jane Austen western style – giddyup!

[did I ever mention that I was obsessed with Roy Rogers when a mere child? – thought I was Dale Evans in the 2nd grade – but that’s a story for another day… ] – in the meantime I am looking forward to this blending of my two obsessions – Austen and Cowboys… will take many notes and many pictures and post my observations upon my return…

Copyright @2011 Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont

6 thoughts on “An Opinion of Jane Austen from the Wild Blue Yonder

  1. Deb, I’ve been having a think. I know,hard to believe.

    Anyway, I think I’m a little out with my 70 mph estimate. Going by that limp angle, ha ha I would say 20mph or less. You must have just been pulling into your driveway.

    At 70mph it would look as though somebody had flicked a paintbrush with all steaks pointing west!!!!!!!!!! Perfectly horizontal.

    As for seagulls, Vermont is landlocked isn’t it? Lake Champlain to the West I know. (been looking at my atlas) Could have been a gull.I’m fixed on seagulls because Marilyn comes from Tenby in South Wales which is on the coast. Some of those big gulls drop enormous, “splashes.”

    I wonder if there are any novels around that investigate bird shit? I don’t think Jane mentions it.


  2. Deb, just had a look at the agenda for your Fort Worth JASNA conference. My first impression was that it was a little short on Jane Austen,with perhaps one or maybe two items a day and then I looked at the Break Out Speakers. Ah yes MUCH more like it. It sounds a very good conference going by the topics for discussion and debate. Wish I was there.

    I guess you will write a report. Looking forward to it.

    I was speaking to Mary Symonsen, author of various spin off novels( I must admit not my favourite genre) and she is there at Fort Worth. Told her to say hello to you from me if she comes across you.

    All the best,


  3. A-ha-ha-ha-ha! That bird did what I was thinking when I read that you were going to the AGM while I push papers: “Poo on you!” Less begrudgingly, I hope you had a good time. The nurse from my school went, and she had a blast. I guess I’ll finally be able to make an AGM when it actually comes to Brooklyn next year. :-}


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