So much information!

There are so many interesting articles on the various Austen-related sites, that I am going to list and link some of them for your ease of use!….

On Jane Austen’s World, Ms. Place writes of the architect Robert Adam; The Grand Tour in the 18th & 19th century; a review of PBS’s Room with a View; Traveling at Night in Jane Austen’s Time; and Calling Cards in S&S and Persuasion.

Ms. Place also has penned a great article on the actress Anna Chancellor (of Four Weddings & a Funeral fame, as well as the most perfect Caroline Bingley in P&P95)…turns out she is an Austen descendant. See the Jane Austen Today Blog.  On the same page, scroll down for a great article by Laurie Viera Rigler on “Ten Ways to Cope without the Complete Jane Austen Series.”  The first six suggestions are to READ THE BOOKS! (yes! I love this suggestion!) (and of course see the best adaptations), followed by the terrific advice to join JASNA, go to an English country dance event, and finally to read Rigler’s own book, Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict (which is quite a good I might add!)  The book is being offered as a prize for the best posted suggestion, so go to the site and comment on!

And over at Austenprose, Laurel Ann, writes of Maggie Lane, the author of numerous books on Jane Austen, and reviews her book Jane Austen’s World: the Life and times of England’s Most Popular Author.  And take a look at some the previous posts on Sense & Sensibility, and a very comment-worthy post on the best and worst of PBS’s Complete Jane Austen.

Maggie Sullivan at Austenblog has some interesting tidbits and “Jane” sightings.

Oh! there is way too much delightful information…who can keep up with all this reading!  I, for one, have immersed myself in Northanger Abbey, and will soon post on my thoughts…

2 thoughts on “So much information!

  1. Hi, Deb. Very happy that you enjoyed my book and “Ten Ways to Cope Without the Complete Jane Austen.”

    Congratulations on forming your new Region and on creating a lovely blog/site. I’ve just created a link to it from my site,

    Please stop by our JASNA Region’s site (I’m the webmaster there) at I hope get a blog going on our JASNA site soon; yours is definitely inspiring me!


  2. May I make a couple of suggestions: Listening to Austen audio books CD’s in the car… we can take Jane along as we drive.

    Also, the Jane Austen Society Magazine (Online) offers many articles on JA and the Regency Period. That is another interesting site.


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