Reading List 101: the Chawton House Library Reading Group

Happily found in my mailbox:   The Female Spectator, Vol. 12, No. 2, Spring 2008, publication of the Chawton House Library.  This issue has a terrific a list of books that the Library Reading Group has chosen for its 2008-9 discussions of the work of women writers, 1600-1830.  For those of us always looking for other titles to read after our annual re-reads of Austen, this is a wonderful place to start (and only sorry I cannot attend the monthly meetings at the Library which include afternoon tea!)…here is the schedule of reads:

  • Fielding, Sarah. THE ADVENTURES OF DAVID SIMPLE.  (Sept)
  • Burney, Frances.  THE WANDERER.  (Oct)
  • Wordsworth, Dorothy.  THE GRASMERE AND ALFOXDEN JOURNALS.  (Nov)
  • Austen, Jane.  PERSUASION.  (Dec)
  • Wollstonecraft, Mary.  MARY.  (Jan)
  • Robinson, Mary.  BEAUX AND BELLES OF ENGLAND.  (Feb)
  • Falconbridge, Anna Maria.  NARRATIVE OF TWO VOYAGES TO SIERRA LEONE.  (Mar)
  • Radcliffe, Ann.  THE ITALIAN.  (April)
  • Shelley, Mary.  THE LAST MAN.  (May)


2 thoughts on “Reading List 101: the Chawton House Library Reading Group

  1. Thanks Arti for your comments!….look for my next post in a few days for another reading list, this one compiled by Jane Austen herself! Hope you are enjoying Persuasion…it is my favorite.
    Janeite Deb


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