The Web Round-up: all things Austen…

There is so much going on and I am behind the times here, but I have to at least give a nod to the various Austen goings-on out there:  here is a sampling from the past week or so:

*Austenprose has a an article on the Mark Twain House in Hartford Connecticut and its financial troubles…and should we care in the light of his apparent dislike of Austen?….check this out and learn more about it all (and perhaps Twain didn’t dislike her so much after all….?)

* Ellen Moody has posted on the movie “Lake House” (with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves) and its relation to Persuasion; another post on the poet Mary Chandler (1687-1745) (scroll down on the post to get to the full article)…and also it is worth looking at her Sense & Sensibility movie reviews…

* there is a terrific new Jane Austen site at, but like Laurel Ann at Austenprose, I wonder who is the source and would like to know more!….

* Ms. Place reviews Georgette Heyer’s A Royal Escape, which sounds like a perfect “summer read”… and Ms. Place has several recent posts on all manner of things:  The Marriage Mart; Public Bathing in Bath; a letter from the Duke of Wellington, and much more…. see all at Jane Austen’s World.

* Jane Odiwe has a new book ready for the press….see her post on her blog about Mrs. Brandon’s Invitation, a Sequel to S&S (with the usual lovely drawings).

* Note that on Tuesday’s and Fridays, Diana Birchall will be channeling Mrs. Elton ( “Mrs. Elton Sez” ) in an advice column on the excellent “Jane Austen Today Blog” of Ms. Place and Laurel Ann.

* The Greater New York JASNA Chapter will host Juliet McMaster on September 13, 2008…she will speak on “Speaking Fictions: the Genres of Talk in S&S.”

* The Blog of the Central New Jersey JASNA Chapter has a ton of delightful tidbits….

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