All-Weekend Pride & Prejudice…

It is later-evening and S&S (back on PBS) is playing in the background as I write, but I had to take a few moments to write on the weekend I just spent in Hyde Park (Vermont). It was a Jane Austen Weekend, held at The Governor’s House at Hyde Park, a Bed & Breakfast run by JASNA member Suzanne Boden.

We were an intimate party that gathered Friday night – Wednesday’s foul weather caused a couple cancellations. Myself and three others stayed the entire weekend, participating in all the events: tea, book discussion, and breakfast-quiz.

On Friday night, I talked (rather at length, I’m afraid!) on Georgiana Darcy and the early-nineteenth century lady-artists Mary Yelloly, Diana Sperling, and Lili Cartwright. Given the intimate setting, I passed the books containing the albums of these ladies. Time went so quickly.

On Saturday there was free time in the morning and early afternoon, then a tea which brought such familiar faces as Hope Greenberg, who – as a member of the Burlington Country Dancers – danced at our December Austen Birthday Tea, and her daughter, and JASNA member Debbie Lynde, who came with a friend. Some delicious tea, served with a diverse variety of sandwiches, scones, breads. Suzanne read some excerpts on Tea and serving tea.

Saturday night our B&Bers were joined by an even larger group, and I was happy to meet the Olivers – who joined our JASNA chapter not too long ago. Jim is one of our three male members! Time passed quickly this evening too, and the dinner was extensive and very well received by all. The “book” discussion, of course, included many references to and comments about the Ehle-Firth P&P. One B&Ber watched the entire mini-series over the three days!

Sunday began with a quick muffin & tea/coffee breakfast, but concluded with a lovely brunch. The Austen quiz help point out that so many Jeopardy-type of questions can come out of Austen’s writing! (I never do well on such brain-picking quizzes…).

Have laundry to do, and a work-week to begin – so will log off tonight. But I hope to add some more thoughts in the coming days… stay tuned!