BBC’s ‘Emma’ ~ trailer now online

This just in from Janeite Mae – the BBC has a trailer for the new Emma now available online for viewing:  go to the BBC here, and scroll through the carousel of new productions and click on “Emma” for a few quite lovely scenes [check out all the others as well – quite the feast! – this carousel idea is amazing!] 


Thanks Mae for the heads-up! 

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11 thoughts on “BBC’s ‘Emma’ ~ trailer now online

    • yes, it took me a minute to get this too! – thinking it was in the description – and yes, it does look lovely [but I still think Richard Armitage would have made a better Knightley!] – and what ever is that crying scene all about between Emma and Knightley? – I fear a mucking-up of the book is at hand!


  1. I was wondering about the crying scene, too!!! HMMMMM!

    Garrow’s Law looks good. My two favorite things…period costumes and crime drama. Who knew I’d find them both in one show?! :D


  2. I totally agree with Janeite Deb: Richard would have been a superb Knightley. Never mind, he will soon give us new great acting performances. Have you read his last interview? As for this new BBC Emma adaptation, I want to wait before saying anything.


  3. Hi Janeite Mae! – thank you for siting that website – it is quite funny to see these same outfits show up time and again – very good eyes on the viewers who pick these things up! – and what a closet to get lost in!


  4. Thanks to Janeite Mae for the link.

    If anyone may be interested I have posted on YouTube a video of the pictures I took during the filming of Emma at Chilham in Kent.
    The Link is: –

    Please switch on the speakers and enjoy.


  5. Thank you Robert for that link! – a lovely montage of shots during the filming – with a nice views of costumes and characters – but alas! no Knightley within view!
    Thank you for visiting…!


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