Persuasions No. 1 ~ Now Online! has added online** the full text of the Number 1 Persuasions journal that has long been out-of-print:

persuasions no 1 cover

Persuasion*  No. 1.  December 16, 1979 

Board of Directors
President’s Report 
Brief highlights of the meeting 
St. Nicholas Appeal      -George H. Tucker
Our First Dinner   – Lorraine Hanaway
Pemberley Revisited     -Donald Greene
The Picturesque in Pride and Prejudice   – A. Walton Litz
A Member’s First Pilgrimage to Winchester   – Hilma D. Barrett
Some notes on the “parish business” in Emma    -Cathy Fried
Telegram from the Jane Austen Society 
Letter from James T. Farrell 
Quiz Angela Addison
Meeting aboard the Elizabeth Bennet

* The first issue was titled “Persuasion” – it was decided to change the name to Persuasions for subsequent issues

**[Many thanks go to Montreal member Renée Charron (Treasurer, Canada), who scanned and corrected the full text of Persuasion No. 1, as she also did for the other eleven out-of-print issues of Persuasions.]

Drawing from the cover of Persuasion No. 1
by Pamela Susan Koppel, age 15, of Tucson, Arizona

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