More Gaskell!

Just discovered today! Another Elizabeth Gaskell source!  Katherine of the Austen-related blog November’s Autumn, [where she is currently posting a series on Austen’s “paradox of names”] has started a new blog devoted to Elizabeth Gaskell. You can view the site here; as well as follow her on Twitter here.  Delighted to see Gaskell getting such attention in the blogsphere!

Katherine had written a post on Gaskell’s Wives and Daughters for the September 29th Blog Celebration that begins here – scroll down for the links to the 15 blogs that participated in this tribute to Gaskell on her 200th birthday.

Congratulations Katherine on your lovely new blog! [I have added you to my posted Gaskell bibliography.]

3 thoughts on “More Gaskell!

  1. I am enjoying this blog tour very much. Thanks for participating. I’m a big fan of Jane Austen as well. The paradox of names by November’s Autumn is very interesting. I glad I stumbled upon it through this tour.


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