Austen on the Block! ~ Auction Update

The Heritage Auctions offering of Jane Austen’s novels on October 14-16, 2010 has published the results.  See my previous post here for the details.

  • Emma ~ $8,962.50  [opening bid:  $7500.; est. $15,000.]

  • Mansfield Park – not sold [opening bid:  $5000.; est. $10,000.]
  • Northanger Abbey / Persuasion ~ not sold [opening bid: $3750.; estimate: $7500. ]
  • Pride and Prejudice ~ not sold [opening bid:  $15,000.; estimate: $30,000.]
  • Sense and Sensibility ~ not sold [opening bid: $20,000.; est. $40,000.]

Hmmm – what is this all about??

Stand by for the Sotheby’s October 28th auction – details here.

2 thoughts on “Austen on the Block! ~ Auction Update

  1. It’s shocking that only Emma sold and for far less than the estimated value. Perhaps it was the drab boards that did it? Even though drab boards are more valuable I’d imagine it also makes them even more fragile.


    • Yes, very shocking indeed! – actually this auction had the editions for sale that have all been rebound into very nice leather bindings – the original editions in their drab bindings will be in the Oct 28 Sotheby’s auction. I am not sure what happened here – perhaps no one at the auction that cared about Austen – Heritage focuses on history, and this may have not been advertised that much – but bidding is also available online, so anyone searching would have found them – will be interesting to see what happens on the 28th – but do wonder if the economy is finally have its effect on Austen buyers…regardless – they are ALL beyond my pocketbook!
      Thanks for visiting Katherine! – and kudos to you again on your Gaskell blog!


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