An ‘Enhanced’ Pride & Prejudice ebook

OOPS! – I got this news as a ‘google alert’, and now thanks to Raquel see that it came out in 2008!  I had checked the Penguin site and saw nothing of this “news” and now see that it did indeed come out in May 2008! – Sorry for the error – in a rush – thought it was great news! Still might be for those who don’t already know this! [like me! – I don’t use my ebook reader a whole lot as you can tell!]

So here is the very interesting but old news!:

Penguin launches ‘enhanced’ e-book classics:

Penguin Group (USA) is to launch an e-book of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with multiple added features as the first title in its Penguin enhanced e-books classics list. The e-book, coming in May, will feature:

  • Filmography
  • Nineteenth-Century Reviews
  • Chronology
  • Further Reading
  • What Austen Ate
  • How to Prepare Tea
  • Austen Sites to Visit in England
  • Map of Sites from the Novel
  • Behaving Yourself: Etiquette and Dancing in Austen’s Day
  • Illustrations of Fashion, Home Décor, Architecture, and Transportation
  • Enriched eBook Notes

The publisher says it will offer “a wonderful e-book reading experience”. Nine further classics titles, including Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein and Great Expectations, will follow in the autumn, with plans “underway” to launch the list in the UK.

John Makinson, chair and c.e.o. of the Penguin Group, said: “The e-book is gaining acceptance as an alternative to the printed text and we are keen to test the possibilities of the electronic format. Penguin Classics is a great place to start. We shall invite readers beyond the pages of these much-loved books, offering additional background, context and insight into the work.”

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Guess I should fire up my Kindle…

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