Hot off the Press! ~ ‘Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine’ ~ 50th Issue!

The March/April 2011 issue of Jane Austen’s Regency World magazine – the fiftieth edition! – is now on sale. 

In the new issue: 

JARW AT FIFTY  ~ The Jane Austen community worldwide celebrates the 50th edition of Jane Austen’s Regency World Magazine

SANDY LERNER INTERVIEW  ~ The entrepreneur who rescued Chawton House speaks exclusively about the pleasure and pain of such a significant project 

REGENCY ROYAL WEDDINGS  ~ What Prince William and Kate Middleton can learn from Georgian nuptials

HOME COMFORTS ~ Maggie Lane on how Jane Austen’s books show how ideas about the home were changing 

CLERICAL FATHERS  ~ Contrasting the lives of George Austen and Patrick Brontë 

NO NOOSE IS GOOD NEWS ~ The convict who started Australia’s first newspaper 

TAKEN BY THE PRESS ~ The fear of press gangs stalked the streets of Regency Britain 

Plus: All the latest news from the world of Jane Austen, as well as letters, book reviews, quiz, competition and news from JAS and JASNA – and from the Jane Austen Society of the Netherlands 

For further information, and to subscribe, visit:

And direct from publisher Tim Bullamore: “Apologies once again to subscribers in the US whose deliveries of the last issue were delayed by increased security checks, seasonal closures, industrial action and bad weather on both sides of the Atlantic!”

Hope our wait will be a short one this time!

Copyright @2011, by Deb Barnum at Jane Austen in Vermont

Matches & Matrimony: A Pride & Prejudice Tale ~ A Game to Download!

Have you ever wanted to manipulate some of Jane Austen’s endings?  [if not, would we have any sequels, or choose to read them?!] – Do you think Elizabeth should have married Mr. Collins, leaving Mr. Darcy to the likes of Miss Bingley? – or should Elinor have married Colonel Brandon, leaving Marianne to pine her life away and Lucy to Edward after all?

Well, here might be your chance.  There is a new game to download called Matches and Matrimony: A Pride & Prejudice Tale  – I haven’t yet played it, but for $6.99 it might be the perfect antidote to another cold winter day – or one can just try it for an hour for free.  At least there are no flesh-eating zombies in the mix, as on the iphone app that I play periodically if stuck in a line somewhere [though we rarely have lines of any kind in Vermont, except perhaps at the DMV, and why I still do not get past the zombie who eats Elizabeth in the first sequence…]

You can find the Matches and Matrimony game here at

From their website:

Help a Bennet sister find a husband as you take a starring role in Jane Austen’s most popular novels in Matches & Matrimony! Will you pursue Mr. Bingley, whose good nature has already endeared him to your sister, or perhaps Mr. Darcy, the famous protagonist from Pride and Prejudice? The narrative of Matches & Matrimony comes from the combining of 3 different novels, allowing you to create new storylines from Miss Austen’s most famous works!

Have fun and let me know how you fare… [but please don’t have Elizabeth marry Mr. Collins! – that would create an entire world shift of too immense a proportion to bear …]

Copyright @2011, by Deb Barnum at Jane Austen in Vermont