London Trekking

Have just returned from a week in London – hence the blogging silence – will post more pictures and some thoughts, but to start here are a few.  I met up for a delightful tea and afternoon of sight-seeing with Tony Grant, of the blog London Calling [alas! he just lately removed it from the blogsphere] – Tony now writes regularly for Vic at Jane Austen’s World, where you can see his pictures and posts on Austen’s England [see his latest on The Library of an 18th-century Gentleman and also today’s post at Jane Austen Today on Brighton Pier.]

As I did the unbelievable, mind-boggling error of leaving my camera in the hotel,  I have only this one photo of Tony and I [taken by an obliging passer-by on Tony’s camera] to prove that we actually met up!  

Here we are in front of Henry Austen’s home/office at 10 Henrietta Street where Jane stayed!

I went back a few days later to get a photograph of the plaque on the building:

Many thanks to Tony for a lovely day of walking around London – I find that it was all the more satisfying because I DID forget my camera – one ceases to look at everything from the inside of that little box, framing all in view for just the right shot – so everything seen remains all the more etched in my memory.

More to come – museums, plays, walking, walking, walking in search of Austen in Regency London – and in perfect sunshine all week!  Stay tuned!

Westminster Abbey

Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont

14 thoughts on “London Trekking

    • Thanks Tony! – and for the picture as well! – great fun walking around London with you – and for taking me to the Geffrye – my next post… stay tuned!
      Best to you,


  1. Welcome back Deb!!

    Looks like you had a wonderful time & I can’t wait to see more of your pictures & thoughts.

    As to hanging out at the AGM, as a famous politician says…”You betcha!”




    • Hello Sue – yes, a great trip – will post more as I can find a moment here and there – the problem with travel is the “to-do” list when you get home! – and alas! I did NOT get a chance to visit the various Edward Streets – will leave that to you to decipher!
      Best to you,


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    • Nice to hear from you Adriana! – yes, work does get in the way of blogging and checking other people’s blogs on a daily basis, doesn’t it? – wish we all had more time to connect with each other!
      Thanks for stopping by,


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