Jane Austen Cards for Every Occasion!

Jane Austen at home in Bath

I received the information on these cards just before I was off on a holiday, so just now getting to post about them…. 

Tony Heaton’s “Greetings from England” line of cards and limited edition prints are quite lovely, our interest being of course those connected to Jane Austen [though certainly not limited to Austen only [isn’t that a name of a blog out there somewhere?] as I for one cannot resist the Shakespeare, the Hardy,  or a number of the grand stately houses he depicts.   Mr. Heaton, MDesRCA, kindly sent me several samples of the Jane Austen set – I will be ordering a number of each to sell at our meetings to benefit our JASNA-Vermont group.

Here is a sampling of what you will find when you visit the Greetings from England website:  

[the images below are very small – go to the website to see a full-size image – the cards are quite large (8×6) and suitable for framing if you did not want the expense of a limited print (which are 12×18)]

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre:


Thomas Hardy’s cottage:


Wordsworth’s cottage:

The Cerne Abbas Giant:

There are many Heritage sites in the UK – from Westminster Abbey, The Tower of London, Greenwich’s Royal Naval College, to the coastline of West Dorset and East Devon…

Tower of London

And for Jane Austen? – for that is why we are here after all…

Chawton Cottage

Royal Crescent, Bath

and Jane Austen’s Bath:

There are a number more, so please visit the site to see these and more full-sized images at:  http://www.greetingsfromengland.co.uk/


And this lovely little surprise, as I find if all does not come back to Jane Austen, it is sure to come full circle to Vermont:

The American Museum in Britain – Vermont Quilt

Detail of one side of a Log Cabin-Barn Raising quilt made by
Sarah Bryant of Mount Holly, Vermont, New England USA – 1886


*All images from the Greetings from England website, copyright Tony Heaton, and used with permission.  Please request permission directly from Mr. Heaton for re-use of any kind.  Mr. Heaton also creates home portraits – contact him at his website for further information.

Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont.

7 thoughts on “Jane Austen Cards for Every Occasion!

  1. I checked out this site and found some lovely things. I couldn’t find sizes of prints, though. I’m waiting on an enquiry before purchasing things from this site. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Karen – the cards Mr. Heaton sent me are 8×6 inches; the prints seem to be 12×18 – but wait to hear back as there might be other options. [I had this in the post but deleted it accidentally while editing – sorry about that! – it is now back in there…]

      Glad you visited Heaton’s site – they are lovely aren’t they?

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Hi Deb. These look great. I’ll try and find where they are sold in England.

    I see you have thrown all decorum to the wind and published the Cerne Abbass Giant. The first time I saw the giant near the coast in Dorset quite a few years ago, I was driving from Lyme Regis with Marilyn and then young family. The lanes we were driving along were narrow with high hegdes and typical of English lanes twisted and turned. You never know what you will come across just round the corner. Suddenly there it was laid out across a swelling hillside. All muscular and ,rather, “stiff,” shall we say. My two daughters, Alice and Emily screamed with laughter. Abi hadn’t been born. They thought it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Little girls can be very very earthy and rude you know. It was the topic of conversation for a long time after. Why? How? When? What for? You can just imagine can’t you.

    I’ve heard stories of coach loads of little old ladies requesting the caoch driver to stop so they can have a good look!!!! Ha! Ha!

    If ever you see it for real one day, Deb, it is enormous. It covers a whole hillside. Those Celts and what they got up to. I don’t know!!!!!!!

    Have you heard the story of the Dorset River called The Piddle? Queen Victoria was touring the area so they changed the name of the river to, The Puddle, because they thought they might hurt the great Queens sensibilities.


    • Oh dear, Tony! – I didn’t even think about this! – yikes! – I was only being a dutiful blogger and posting several of Tony Heaton’s card images! – I have been to Lyme Regis and Dorset, but did not see the Giant [though I did know about him!] – quite disappointed to have missed him! [I have seen the White Horse, not nearly as graphic!]

      Piddle to Puddle? – the things we do for the royal sensibilities! We have a mountain here in Vermont that is called Camels Hump – early maps show it as Camels Rump, changed at some date due to such sensibilities – little did anyone know that the new name is far less acceptable! [and it doesn’t look like a camel at all but a lion, so go figure…]

      Speaking of Queen Victoria – my husband and I took a tour of Liverpool a few years ago – the tour guide warned us as we approached this enormous statue of Queen Vic that as you come upon it from a certain direction, you will forever question that she was not really King Victoria – are things like this all over England?

      Well enough of this titillating chat – whatever would Jane say? [I am quite sure she would be howling…]

      For those interested in the history of the Giant: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/main/w-chl/w-countryside_environment/w-archaeology/w-archaeology-places_to_visit/w-archaeology-cerne_abbas_giant.htm

      Thanks for the alert Tony! – we do try to keep it interesting here at Jane Austen in Vermont!


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