JASNA – Greater Chicago Region Website Launched Today!

News from the JASNA-Greater Chicago Region:

The Board of Directors of the Greater Chicago Region is pleased to announce the launch of our newly revamped website:


 Along with a dramatic new look and easier navigation, the website has been enhanced with several new features:

*A dedicated page for each GCR event with more information, including driving instructions and parking options
*Online Exhibits explaining historical elements in the Austen novels
*Reading Guides for teachers and reading groups
*Fun Stuff pages of puzzles and links
*An Austen-inspired mystery short story by GCR member and author, Felicia Carparelli
*Special Member Area
*And, much more for you to explore!

The Web Committee wants this website not only to provide programming and interactive learning resources but also be a place to have fun.  We want you to be a part of our community even if you cannot attend our events. We aim to continually add more content to keep the website fresh and current for you.  We hope you visit the site regularly. If you join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/JASNA.GCR you can receive alerts of new content and announcements.

We hope you enjoy exploring the new website!

Visit when you can – the website header alone is worth the price of admission (and I cannot copy it)! and there are lots of other goodies to get lost in…

[Image: from the JASNA-GCR online exhbition “Men, Women, and Marriage” by Jeff Nigro, RC for the Region]

@2012 Jane Austen in Vermont



3 thoughts on “JASNA – Greater Chicago Region Website Launched Today!

  1. Thank you so much Deb for bringing the attention to our new website. The website committee, despite the headaches & delays we sometime encountered, we all had a lot of fun putting this together. Your friends in Chicago hope you all enjoy using it!


    • Happy to do a little PR for you Sue! – you have done a fabulous job on the new website and you should all be commended for this successful group effort! Love the header of the Regency ladies having a stroll with the Chicago skyline – know that was your doing, so well done!


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