Northanger Abbey ~ Marvel Comic #5 is out!

 Jane Austen’s Northanger Abbey via Marvel Comics – all five issues are now released [No. 5 came out on March 14, 2012]~  Get thee hence to your nearest comic book shop! – Here are the five covers:

For more information on this five issue series of Northanger Abbey, visit the Marvel Comics website and scroll through the images….

[all images from the Marvel Comics website

@2012 Jane Austen in Vermont

10 thoughts on “Northanger Abbey ~ Marvel Comic #5 is out!

    • Yes, Joe, Fanny is the most heroic! – but an action figure she does not make! – Marvel has done them in order of about 1 title per year, 5 issues for each book – not sure which they will do next – probably Persuasion – Marvel is likely trying to figure out the market for Fanny – we need to unite! – now the Crawfords will make great comic book anti-heroes – and wouldn’t Mrs. Norris be wonderful in caricature! Can’t wait!


  1. I am late to the game and just bought #5. Any idea where I can get the first four? I’ve checked book stores and the Marvel site to no avail.


    • Hello Nichole – I think the only place to get copies is at a comic store, at least that is the case where I live – I would google comic book stores in your area and give them a call – if you have no luck, I can check where I go if they can order copies for you – let me know…


    • Hi. You should try They don’t have it yeat, but as soon as it’s published, there will be one book where are all the Northanger chapters. Also you can find earlier Jane Austen comics there.

      I’m so hoping they do Persuasion next.


      • Thank you for this – Yes, I love Book Depositoory! – no shipping charges to anywhere in the world – the hardcovers of the comics are great to have, and I agree I would love to see Persuasion next!

        Thanks for stopping by,


  2. It looks like the Northanger Abbey graphic novel, wth all five in one, has only been published in paperback and not hardcover like Emma, Sense and Sensibility, and P&P. Any idea if there will be a hardcover too? I’m waiting to buy the paperback to be sure that it won’t turn up later in hardcover, but I can’t find any info.


    • Hi Lora, I only see it as a paperback as well – I will check with my local comic store to see if he knows of a hardcover coming out and get back to you. Thanks for stopping by!


      • Hi Deb, Thanks so much for checking into this. I don’t have a comic store nearby to ask, and I didn’t want to put out the money to order the paperback from Amazon without being sure that is the only way it will be released. I did try to contact Marvel but never heard back. They’re a big company so I kind of expected that my question would get lost somewhere along the way.
        Thanks again,


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