Giveaway winner announced ~ A Dance with Jane Austen by Susannah Fullerton!

Giveaway winner for Susannah Fullerton’s A Dance with Jane Austen: How a Novelist and Her Characters went to the Ball is Diana Birchall! – she wrote this on November 3:

I love Susannah’s writing, and I have long been a great admirer of her awe-inspiring range of abilities.  That is why I cast her as “my Marianne”!  I must and shall own this book, but they ran out of them at the AGM, and I haven’t got mine yet.  I just won a fabulous biography of Keats on the Dovegreyreader blog, and my mother-in-law’s electricity got restored in NYC today, so let’s make it good luck comes in threes.  Please enter me to win Susannah’s book!

Congratulations Diana – luck comes in threes indeed! And the fact you cast Susannah in your play as “Marianne” makes this even sweeter – I promise a completely objective random drawing [you can thank my husband who picks a number from 1-whatever in order of posting – he doesn’t even know what I am asking for!]

Please email me privately with postal direction!

Thank you all for such wonderful responses, to Susannah for her lovely post and responses, and to Sue Forgue, my go-to person for all things Regency (and London!) for her dance information!  For those of you who will be attending the JASNA-Vermont Tea on December 2nd, this book will be one of the door prizes, with thanks again to the publisher Frances Lincoln for their generosity.

c2012 Jane Austen in Vermont

3 thoughts on “Giveaway winner announced ~ A Dance with Jane Austen by Susannah Fullerton!

  1. Wow, Deb, I can’t believe this – what are the odds? I’m “dancing in my chair all the way home,” like Catherine Morland (and can you think of a better quote, considering that the book is Jane Austen and Dancing!). So thrilled and thankful! After winning this and the Keats biography I’d better not enter any more enticing book giveaways, to give other folks a chance!


  2. Diana, the book couldn’t have gone to a nicer person! I’m delighted you won the giveaway copy. I do hope you enjoy it.
    I loved acting the part of Marianne in your fabulous play, ‘The Austen Assizes’. As discussed, we are planning to do the play in Australia next year. You gave me such a gorgeous Willoughby with whom to act – casting interested glances in his direction needed no acting skills at all!


    • Yes, Susannah – a more perfect recipient I could not have conjured!

      I did wonder about your acting skills with the handsome “Willoughby”! – I may have been tempted to re-script the outcome!

      Thanks again Susannah for posting about your book…


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