Some short, little things:

Read (finally! I’ve owned it for months) the first in the news Rhys Bowen series: Her Royal Spyness. It is a cute and quaint 1930s mystery with Lady Georgiana Rannoch, 34th in line to the throne. And one man she meets along the way: Darcy O’Mara. Hmm… wonder where those names came from???

Sobering to think that Abraham Lincoln, whose 200th anniversary of his birth we celebrated on 12 February, was born in the year that Jane Austen moved to Chawton – which is seen as the impetus she required to revise and write anew her six major novels.

A note to JASNA-Vermonters: check out the Members’ Page: we’ve some new contenders for naming our chapter newsletter; The Pemberley Post has a nice ring to it. Add YOUR suggestions!

Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec is offering a Pride and Prejudice Symposium – three speakers on Saturday, March 14; a new P&P play on Saturday night; a reception with the playwright on Sunday. We will post information on the events page soon. If you want to see just the play, it runs from March 11-15. Performances held in the Théâtre Centennial Theatre. See: www.ubishops.ca.

Have been thinking about how we might do an online book discussion – any ideas, let us know. With all this Pride & Prejudice in the air, that might be a good novel to begin with.

Two items I forgot! (too many bits of paper…): Looking up something totally different, I found some interesting and I trust useful “clothing” websites: Regency Fashion (which Deb had already found and posted on the sidebar) and at the Met Museum. If you browse around the Met’s site, you will find other centuries and even undergarments.

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  1. The person who suggested Pemberley Post basically figures that P&P is Austen’s best-loved novel, and Pemberley the epitome of that novel’s geographic arc. We have three suggestions so far — so I’m hoping others will come in with ideas!


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