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This just in from Publicity at Sourcebooks:

“Next week marks the official launch of, a labor of love started by two Sourcebooks Landmark authors, Sharon Lathan and Abigail Reynolds. Noticing the success of group author blogs in the romance genre, they decided to gather up some of their fellow Jane Austen Fiction comrades and start a group blog!

After putting together some initial plans in August, Sharon and Abigial began to contact Austen authors from all publishers and the final list of 20 contributors is very impressive: 

  • Susan Adriani
  • Marsha Altman
  • Marilyn Brant
  • Skylar Burris
  • Jack Caldwell
  • Carolyn Eberhart
  • Monica Fairview
  • Regina Jeffers
  • Cindy Jones
  • Sharon Lathan
  • Kara Louise
  • Kathryn Nelson
  • Jane Odiwe
  • C. Allyn Pierson
  • Abigail Reynolds
  • Mary Lydon Simonsen
  • Heather Lynn Rigaud
  • Victoria Connelly
  • J. Marie Croft

Staring on September 6, daily blogs posts will be put up, celebrations of new books going into stores will be had, and for the launch month of the blog, many giveaways and contests will be held!
Please feel free to share this fabulous new endeavor with your friends! As the leading publisher of Austen-related literature, Sourcebooks is pleased to help spread the word about this amazing new website devoted to the authors who have continued Jane Austen’s stories to the delight of the reading public. Let us know what you think about it!” 


Wonderful news! – will be great to have all these Austenesque writers sharing a blog and keeping us informed of their writing and publishing news, so be sure to visit on a daily basis!

[Posted by Deb]

8 thoughts on “Breaking News! ~

  1. Thanks so much for supporting our new blog! We are all excited to bring you all Austen all the time, along with quizzes and book launches. The authors and several publishers, including Sourcebooks, have donated books for giveaways, which will occur throughout the month. My book, “Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister” will be the first to launch, on Sept. 9, but there are two others in September and 4 in October.


  2. We appreciate your support of this joint adventure. All the authors on this site have a personal connection to Jane Austen. Even after two centuries, she continues to influence each of us in a way few can claim. Like C. Allyn Pierson, I will be celebrating the release of my latest Austen-inspired book. “The Phantom of Pemberley” was released on September 1. Stop by on the 14th to enjoy what I have going on with the launch. Join us on the blog and our guestbooks.


  3. Thank you so much for letting all your lovely readers know about Austen Authors. This first day has been exciting, and the rest of the month will be filled with just as much fun. Please join us as we celebrate! We would love to see everyone there!


  4. Deb, Thanks a million for sharing our blog news with your fellow JASNAites! We are having a blast celebrating Jane’s legacy in our own special way and we truly appreciate your helping us in that endeavor.

    Sincerely, Sharon Lathan


    • You are welcome Sharon! – a wonderful beginning for your new venture – you have been very busy responding to all the comments! – [and I am still puzzling over the next “Darcy” – who could follow in the shoes of Firth-Macfadyen-Cowan?!]

      Will be checking in with you all regularly… – hope you all have fun with this!


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