World Book Day ~ March 3, 2011 ~ What is Your Favorite Book?

To celebrate World Book Day, which is today,  3 March 2011, here is a delightful book that shares the delights of books!

 “It’s A Book” by Lane Smith


So what book do you like most to read and then re-read?
My favorite book?

My next?

Or is it Jane Eyre?

Or Pride and Prejudice?

Or Middlemarch?

Or A Prayer for Owen Meany?

Or the Complete Works of Shakespeare?

Your turn! What’s your favorite book?    – you are entitled to one Jane Austen and then choose one other …. if you can so limit yourself!

Copyright @2011, by Deb Barnum at Jane Austen in Vermont

12 thoughts on “World Book Day ~ March 3, 2011 ~ What is Your Favorite Book?

  1. I’m currently reading persuasion, so I’m happy to see it’s the first book you picked :)
    anyway, my favorite book….wow! how can I answer that?
    I can narrow down my list to at least 5 books…
    obviously, pride and prejudice. the book thief by markus zusak, time traveler’s wife by audrey niffenegger, the girls by lori lansens and my sister’s keeper by jodi picoult.


    • A Lovely list you have made! – the Book Thief was brilliant and remains on best seller lists 2 years later. Hope you are enjoying Persuasion and will add it to your favorites list… let me know!


  2. Definitely Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice. I loved Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons and I will pick up just about any biography or books about fashion, cooking, or those set in Belle Epoch France. Interestingly, nonfiction rarely interests me.


  3. Persuasion and Jane Eyre. I read so little contemporary fiction that I wouldn’t know a contemporary novel to select, though I do read a lot of non fiction and I loved Outliers.


    • I agree about contemporary fiction! – I am flunking my regular book group, as I sit quietly in the corner and mutter “can we read another classic?” and am politely shunned! – but I do love some contemporary writings, when I periodically escape my 19th century mode…
      Thanks for stopping by – Persuasion and Jane Eyre are perfect choices!


  4. Pride and Prejudice for certain.

    And as for the rest I just can’t limit myself !!

    To Kill a Mockingbird (I’m an Alabama girl for the most part so this book is a given and I think it is one the most perfect books ever written.)

    The Sound and the Fury (Another southerner, I know, but the man is an artist with the English language.)

    Jane Eyre – another perfect jewel of a book

    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (no explanation necessary)


    • Hello Louisa, – I agree about To Kill a Mockingbird, so thank you for bringing it up – a perfect book indeed! [and a perfect movie as well!]
      Thank you for stopping by,


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