On My ‘Books Wanted’ List ~ ‘Ackermann’s Regency Furniture’

What does one do with the books we want but cannot now justify the expense or even afford at all?  I maintain an endless list of such books I discover in my reading or book-hunting travels.  I periodically search to see if I can find a copy that doesn’t break the bank.  Here is one book I have had on my wish-list for ages, but it is impossible to find for much less than $200.  But is is oh! so lovely! and I want it – I see it today in the Joslin Hall Rare Books catalogue and other than drooling all over my keyboard for a bit, I shall have to pass on the $300. price tag, yet again:

[Page Image from JHRB March Catalogue]

Agius, Paul[ine]. “Ackermann’s Regency Furniture & Interiors” Marlborough; The Crowwood Press: 1984. Published between 1809 and 1828, Ackermann’s ‘Repository of Arts, Literature, Commerce, Manufactures, Fashions and Politics’ provides an unparalleled window into the high-class world of Regency England. Gathered here are several hundred illustrations of furniture and interiors as first published by Ackermann. A Regency-style tour de force. Hardcover. 10″x11″, 200 pages, color and b/w illustrations, dj. Minor wear. $300.00

For Sale at Joslin Hall Rare Books

Anyone out there fortunate enough to have a copy? or perhaps a second copy you don’t know what to do with?

Copyright@2011, by Deb Barnum at Jane Austen in Vermont

10 thoughts on “On My ‘Books Wanted’ List ~ ‘Ackermann’s Regency Furniture’

  1. I imagine there are quite a few of us who would
    love to see/read it. Here’s an idea- set up a
    consortium of 6 people you know, each contributing
    $50.00 thereby each having ownership of the book
    for two months of the year. Each person, as he or she
    comes into money, could buy anothers share- kind of
    an Ackerman’s tontine..


    • Ha! Ruth I love this idea! a “tontine” scheme – but what if I needed the book in January and you did too, or you didn’t want to give up your share when someone else offered? – and how to tabulate the value of the book – we must assume it will go up in price!… We share a plate in my book group that we pass around each year – it is a lovely homemade plate that one of out members made with all our names and book titles on it – so I suppose this would work with a book!

      Thanks for stopping by Ruth – will let you know if there are any takers in your scheme!


  2. Ruth has an excellent idea… or perhaps you could set up a wish-list book fund on Paypal, where your friends and family can donate money in lieu of gifts for birthday/Christmas/etc…

    Now I’m drooling along with you. Thanks! :D


    • Hello Tara Fly – can we do such a thing on PayPal? – now there is an idea! – I could create a book fund for all the titles I want and let the world know – I think this is brilliant…
      Thanks for visiting – great thoughts!


  3. Tara Fly,

    I really like that idea !! And I am coveting this book with much avarice and lust in my heart! Other people drink or are addicted to drugs. I’m addicted to Regency era research books. Oh the shame!


    • You are not alone in your addiction Louisa! – so you must share the shame – there are a lot of us out there I think! wish we could come up with such a book sharing scheme – but I guess then it would be called a Library!
      Thanks for visiting,


  4. Well, if you’re really anal, you could probably go to Google Books & Archive.org to find all the Repositories of the Arts & get all the pictures & articles. As I’ve been researching the fashion prints, I’ve been seeing the furniture prints there. LOL, another project for the website???



    • Yes, Sue – I know I can do that! – but what I am a BOOK person! – I want this on my BOOKSHELF, to be pulled down and handled and have a look in the table of contents and the index and see the pictures and flip pages, and all that old-fashioned weird stuff! – can’t help it – that said, if you could do a Regency furniture module on your Regency Encyclopedia, that would be wonderful! [but I would still want to buy the book…]
      Thanks Sue for stopping by..


    • Yes, so hard to give up food for yet another Austen book! – I think even Austen would appreciate the value of the fruit and yogurt and bread over even one of HER works…
      Thanks for stopping by Nicola.


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