Royal School of Needlework

I happened to catch this on CBS’s Sunday Morning while trekking on my tredmill – a very nice piece on the Royal School of Needlework, located in the Hampton Court Palace:

The RSN is the international centre for teaching, practicing and promoting hand embroidery across a wide range of techniques.

We offer hand embroidery courses for all levels; conservation and restoration of historic needlework or creation of new embroideries in our Studio; tours to see some of our needlework Collection and more. [you can schedule private tours to see pieces in the collection that are not viewable to the general public]

There are various books offered in the shop – here are two examples:


You can order the whitework sampler kit celebrating the upcoming royal wedding of William and Kate for £30:

You can view the CBS video here:

[Hampton Court Palace:  image from Evan Evans Tours]

Embroidery images from the RSN website; you can join their Facebook page here:

Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum at Jane Austen in Vermont

3 thoughts on “Royal School of Needlework

  1. Lurv whitework. I used to embroider when I lived at home with my mum, dad, and family – great way to pass the time when TV is not a highlight of family evenings.


    • Yes, Vic, whitework is lovely – I embroidered many years ago as well – too many to remember I am afraid – a lost art, and why I was so taken with this show and to discover this school at Hampton Court – I had no idea!
      Thanks, as always, for stopping by and commenting…


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