Susannah Fullerton on Jane Austen and Crime ~ An Audio Lesson

The ABC Sydney, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has posted online its weekly “Self-Improvement Wednesday.”  This week’s lesson is an 11 minute chat on “Jane Austen’s  Crime” with Susannah Fullerton, the JASA President and author of the fabulous Jane Austen & Crime.

You can listen to the audio and then take the quiz to test your retention skills here:

Enjoy this very quick and entertaining run through all the possible crimes in Georgian England as seen in Austen’s writings:  adultery and crim con, dueling, prostitution, murder, elopement, rape, theft, smuggling, gaming, and the various punishments.  Better yet, read the book! [you can read my review here.]

Copyright @2011 by Deb Barnum, of Jane Austen in Vermont

4 thoughts on “Susannah Fullerton on Jane Austen and Crime ~ An Audio Lesson

  1. Thanks Deb. I’d read Susannah Fullerton’s book last year, and found it very helpful in understanding some of JA”s ‘gallow’ type humor in her letters.

    It’s always interesting to hear the voice behind a book!


    The quiz would be rather easy for us Janeites ~~~:-)


  2. God willing! At least, spirit, mind, heart….and husband are open to my sending in the forms with the check!

    Thanks Deb!



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