A Jane Austen Siting ~ Pride & Prejudice in 16 words or less…

Scrolling through the “guide” on my television the other day, in dire need of pure entertainment, I came upon the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, though barely recognizable by its description – it read:

A convoluted courtship begins between a young woman and
the handsome friend of a wealthy bachelor.

And thus a major classic of the English language reduced to sixteen words, with nary a mention of Jane Austen, not to mention Elizabeth or Mr. Darcy! I was quite sure I had slipped off the guide into the Hallmark Channel!

If you had the assignment to do a write-up on any of Austen’s novels in 16 words or less, what would you write?? [I was asked this once in a radio interview and I had a complete brain-cramp and froze up, not my greatest life moment! – one should always be prepared for such a question, don’t you think?]

So Gentle Readers, please comment with your capsule of Austen! – think Twitter but even shorter…

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