A Jane Austen Siting ~ Pride & Prejudice in 16 words or less…

Scrolling through the “guide” on my television the other day, in dire need of pure entertainment, I came upon the 2005 Pride and Prejudice, though barely recognizable by its description – it read:

A convoluted courtship begins between a young woman and
the handsome friend of a wealthy bachelor.

And thus a major classic of the English language reduced to sixteen words, with nary a mention of Jane Austen, not to mention Elizabeth or Mr. Darcy! I was quite sure I had slipped off the guide into the Hallmark Channel!

If you had the assignment to do a write-up on any of Austen’s novels in 16 words or less, what would you write?? [I was asked this once in a radio interview and I had a complete brain-cramp and froze up, not my greatest life moment! – one should always be prepared for such a question, don’t you think?]

So Gentle Readers, please comment with your capsule of Austen! – think Twitter but even shorter…

Copyright @2012 Jane Austen in Vermont 

11 thoughts on “A Jane Austen Siting ~ Pride & Prejudice in 16 words or less…

  1. Sense and Sensibility:
    Two sisters, quite unlike in dignity, love men who are not allowed to requite them.

    Age grants wisdom to Anne and proximity grants self-knowledge to Frederick so that they wed at last.

    Northanger Abbey:
    Wistful, wishful neo-Gothic quasi-heroine is enthralled in a feigned mystery but is loved anyway. The End.

    Highbury Society leader makes matches for everyone but herself. Her Knightley offers an Abbey and love.

    Pride and Prejudice:
    First impressions having skewed perceptions, Darcy and Elizabeth court almost by accident until they are betrothed.


  2. Here are my contributions. I was inspired by the idea of what might appeal to attention-deficient channel-surfing viewers…

    Northanger Abbey:
    An over-imaginative teenage girl romances an earnest preacher, despite the objections of his pompous military father.

    After making the biggest mistake of her life, Ann Eliot is given one more chance to find love.

    Sense & Sensibility:
    Adrift after their father’s death, two sisters each make bad choices about men.

    A wealthy young amateur matchmaker finally meets her match in an older family friend.

    Price & Prejudice:
    Elizabeth has always relied on her first impressions — until a haughty ultra-rich suitor arrives in town.

    Mansfield Park:
    An impoverished girl moves in with wealthy relations, but is challenged by the family’s freewheeling ways.


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