“Deck the Halls”… with Zombies??

Now it has all gone over the top, or perhaps I have been secretly transported to another planet? or landed in a Jane Austen time-travel spin-off into a zombie-controlled society?

This has nothing to do with Jane Austen, so pardon the aside – other than the Pride & Prejudice and Zombies book is getting more press than the original ever could hope for.  But I today saw release news on the following book by Michael P. Spradlin, due out in late October 2009, just in time for the holidays – I am speechless to be quite honest – any thoughts out there??


Zombie Christmas carols

“]Zombie_1 christmas carols

Illustration by Jeff Weigel from the book

[though I can’t help but think that Dickens would love this ~ zombies in chains and all that!]