“Deck the Halls”… with Zombies??

Now it has all gone over the top, or perhaps I have been secretly transported to another planet? or landed in a Jane Austen time-travel spin-off into a zombie-controlled society?

This has nothing to do with Jane Austen, so pardon the aside – other than the Pride & Prejudice and Zombies book is getting more press than the original ever could hope for.  But I today saw release news on the following book by Michael P. Spradlin, due out in late October 2009, just in time for the holidays – I am speechless to be quite honest – any thoughts out there??


Zombie Christmas carols

“]Zombie_1 christmas carols

Illustration by Jeff Weigel from the book

[though I can’t help but think that Dickens would love this ~ zombies in chains and all that!]

3 thoughts on ““Deck the Halls”… with Zombies??

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  2. Hi, I have just finished reading Talking with the Past. I live on the Street where William Fletcher lived; I live in the house directly opposite the Catholic Apostolic Church where he worshipped; the daughter of his employer John Henry Cooper occupied my house for over 30 years. The reasons for my interest are self-evident. I would really like to know why someone with none of these connections should choose to read this book and what you thought about it.


  3. Hi, Susanne.

    Glad to hear that you found this book, and liked it. My interest lies in two things: its being a DIARY and being written during a slice of time & place that interests me. As you can tell with the Woolf book (listed as reading matter during the same time), books that talk about life in England during other time periods fill my reading basket!

    I cannot say much about the book at present; I began it – and just felt such sympathy for William with his pursuit of his young lady – but other books have intervened. Fletcher lived during a period that I read a lot about, but at present research of decades earlier have taken precedence.

    I am bowled over that you have such connections to this diariest! How fortunate you are…

    I have promised the publisher a review of this book — which is why I will get back to it, and soon. My first impressions, though, were of a thoughtful young man.

    Would be interested to hear YOUR impressions of it. Must be quite wonderful to read about the past when you live in and amongst the people, places, things described!


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