“Holy Austen, Batman!” Pride & Prejudice #3

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Marvel P&P #3

The third issue of the Marvel Comic Pride & Prejudice will be released on June 10, 2009.  Visit Comic Book Resources for a preview [click on the cover and continue through 7 pages of text] ~ a must-have for your P&P collection!

Marvel comic P&P #3 page 6

[from Comic Book Resources.com]

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5 thoughts on ““Holy Austen, Batman!” Pride & Prejudice #3

  1. Thanks for introducing the P & P comics series. I’ve never been a comics fan, but this one looks real attractive, the characters look amiable, the selective and abridged dialogues… looks like a breezy, enjoyable read. You’ve certainly changed my mind, I might just go and get hold of a copy!


  2. Thanks for visiting Arti! – I have the first 3 issues [2 more due out] and am actually enjoying them! If you are a completest in collecting Jane Austen, you must add them to your collection. I don’t think this Marvel Comics venture in Austenland has been all that successful – but I encourage you to get them – the story line follows the books better than some of the movie adaptations (!), and the pictures are actually quite lovely [as is Darcy who looks suspiciously like Elliot Cowan from Lost in Austen!]


  3. I’ve tried to like this comic, but I just don’t care for the look of the artwork– too Hollywood for my taste. I prefer the look of this P&P comic. I hope the artist completes it someday and finds a publisher for her work. I would certainly purchase it.

    Pride and Prejudice, the comic, page 1


  4. Hi Mae! Thanks for visiting – we missed you at the June 7 gathering! Yes, the Marvel comic is too modern – their hair is far too contemporary and not enough curls and caps! – but it has grown on me – the text is right out of Austen, and I like the edginess of it all – the point being I think to bring the current generation to the comic AND Austen – not unlike the 2005 P&P when Mr. Darcy “had a mullet”. I like the comic you cited too – I had not seen that – I will add it to another post to let everyone know about it – thanks for keeping me informed!


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